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Doctors may have missed what's really causing pain and stiffness in your back. Don't just live with the discomfort and cut back on your activities or the gym. Lower back pain (LBP) is one of the most common complaints in today's society and is the main reason why adults younger than 45 years old experience discomfort. Debilitating back pain that continues for more than 3 months is considered chronic. Movement optimisation therapy will restore optimal function to the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, releasing the strain on the low back.

Let’s first assess the main functions of the hip complex.

  • The hip complex is an integral part of the core.
  • Improve static and dynamic posture
  • Create stability and bracing to maintain torso rigidity for complex/compound movements
  • Protect the neck, shoulders, spine, hips, and pelvic floor during loaded complex movements
  • Improve the integrity and distribution of forces across the kinetic chain
  • Engage and prevent specific movements (muscle/joint)


Janda’s approach to the evaluation and management of chronic musculoskeletal pain focuses on the importance of the central nervous system in mediating chronic pain through neuromuscular imbalance.

At MPower, we apply Janda’s Principle to breakdown workouts. Immediate effects can be felt aided by props to increase proprioception. Keeping the movements simple and precise but taking the shoulder complex out initially to improve awareness. Balancing the muscle relationships within the body and teaching it how to properly support itself with the correct muscles, it is a long-term solution to a permanent fix.


Movement optimisation Therapy is a 12-week home training program taking you from Rehab to Strong. Identifying the behaviours that may lead to a dysfunction, or simply suboptimal function. Full exercises library provided to aid safe clients training. Not only does it guarantee those recovering from injury, suffering from LBP, PGP but also helps the athletes who want to enhance their training. Free 1hr online full body assessment followed by a detailed analysis.


If you have followed my story, being Hypermobile has brought its own set of complications towards my training. Pilates has helped get me to recover and live 98% pain free. Many struggle to maintain a ‘neutral’ position which Pilates requires throughout the session. If the Pelvis hasn’t got full mobility, you will not be able to achieve a ‘neutral spine’. This also applies if you need a shoulder fix. Overall, the majority of work is loaded on your lower back as a consequence!

Many train at the gym not addressing misalignment!  I am Hpermobile and have dealt with years of injury recovery. Learn more HERE. Depending on the severity of your condition, it might mean you can’t move much or even immobile. This can affect any joint from the ankle up! If you want a strong core and want to live pain FREE, this is the perfect for you. You might not be in pain but struggle with ROM, balance, proprioception. You just enjoy the gym, even Yoga or Pilates and struggle to get the correct alignment.

Hypomobilies will in turn have their own challenges to overcome. What do you want to improve on? Or are you fed up of feeling tight! Struggle to lift correctly? Worried or potential injury due to posture compensation.


MPower Rehab is a first of it’s kind. Headed by Mehret Hope, our in-house Movement and Performance Therapy Specialist.

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