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Janda's Approach

Janda’s approach to the evaluation and management of chronic musculoskeletal pain focuses on the importance of the central nervous system in mediating chronic pain through neuromuscular imbalance.


At MPower, we apply Janda’s Principle to breakdown workouts. Immediate effects can be felt aided by props to increase proprioception. Keeping the movements simple and precise but taking the shoulder complex out initially to improve awareness. Balancing the muscle relationships within the body and teaching it how to properly support itself with the correct muscles, it is a long-term solution to a permanent fix.

Who is Dr. Janda?

Dr. Vladimir Janda (1928-2002) heavily influenced the importance of the central nervous system in mediating chronic pain through neuromuscular imbalance. In 1979, he proposed and defined the upper and lower crossed syndromes, which together form the layer syndrome.

Janda's Syndrome

The syndromes allow us to predict muscles that are facilitated (concentrically oriented) and easier to recruit vs those that are inhibited (eccentrically oriented) and harder to recruit. These concepts continue to be deeply rooted in a functional approach designed to optimize movement, but it is important to remember that these are patterns that may not always be linked to dysfunction (or pain). They may, however, indicate that the system is under stress, and/or that joint position is not optimal. From a training perspective, if joint position is not optimal, neither is movement nor force production. Looking at postural alignment patterns will help you determine where to focus on your assessment.

Janda's Principles

Janda’s approach provides valuable insight, but intervention is quite a bit more complex than “stretching” tight muscles and “strengthening” weak muscles. Muscles that are facilitated/concentrically oriented may be easier to identify and recruit, but still be unable to produce maximum tension. The goal then, is establishing a length-tension relationship that sticks. Remember, the plan is to keep exercises simple because we are working to reprogram the brain so consistency is key.


Reviews from you

I had an amazing experience, Merhet was so friendly and knowledgeable and gave me a fantastic massage that left me feeling really relaxed after relieving lots of tension built up in my shoulders. She was also so knowledgable and taught me so much about my body in just the hour session. I will definitely be coming back and look forward to learning and improving more!


Had an amazing deep tissue massage with Mehret, her knowledge of the body and skill was fantastic. I felt very well looked after and in very capable hands. My neck, shoulders and arm feel much better and relaxed. I will definitely come again and I would totally recommend this to anyone wanting to relieve deep muscle pain.

Isabel Rock

First time having trigger point massage but what a difference it has made to my pain levels and movement. I've had problems with my shoulder for years and this massage really made a difference.


Amazing experience. Really got my shoulder issue sorted. Mehret knew exactly what was required from the instance I walked in.


MPower Rehab is a first of it’s kind. Headed by Mehret Hope, our in-house Movement and Performance Therapy Specialist.

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